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What To Expect During Your Naturopathic Visit

Initial Meet & Greet Complimentary Consultation: 10 minutes. During this session you get to meet with the doctor and discuss your immediate or primary health concern(s) and goals. The doctor will briefly discuss possible treatment approaches and options for you. You will then be given comprehensive forms regarding health history and lifestyle that are to be completed before your next appointment.

First naturopathic visit: 30 Minutes. Prior to this session, I have received your completed forms and have prepared a preliminary treatment plan. In some cases, special instructions will be given to you in order to prepare for this appointment. During this session, I will ask further questions based on the information from the forms. I will also perform a physical exam using standard diagnostic instruments and laboratory tests and may refer you for blood and urine tests if necessary. At the end of the visit, initial recommendations and prescriptions will be given.

Follow up visit: 15- 30 minutes. This session may include treatment, further prescriptions, recommendations, and lifestyle counseling etc. Frequency of follow up visits is dependent on your needs.


Are Naturopathic doctors opposed to drugs and major surgery?

 No.  Naturopathic doctors are not opposed to invasive or suppressive measures when these methods are necessary.  They make referrals for such treatment when appropriate.  Naturopathic medicine has both safer and less expensive alternatives to many kinds of non-emergency surgery.


Is naturopathic medicine covered by insurance?

In some instances.  The most important thing to do is check with your provider to see if naturopathic medicine is covered in your policy.  If naturopathic medicine is not covered - request it!  Hopefully as more policy holders request naturopathic coverage the insurance companies will start to listen and offer this as an option.  The state of Washington (and to some extent Connecticut) requires insurance companies to cover naturopathic care.

Naturopathic medicine is typically not covered by insurance companies in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and most other states - but there are exceptions. HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) are now becoming more available and in many instances can be used to pay for naturopathic care.  Currently, most patients pay out of pocket for naturopathic services.


Is naturopathic medicine cost-effective?

Yes.  Because naturopathic doctors use a preventive approach that reduces the incidence of high-cost chronic conditions, naturopathic medicine reduces long-term health care costs.


Is naturopathic medicine safe?

Yes.  Safety records that are monitored in states with review boards are excellent.  Naturopathic doctors most often use gentle therapies with low risk for side effects.  A core principle of naturopathic medicine is to "first do no harm."


Is Naturopathic medicine scientific?

Yes.  Naturopathic medicine has its own unique body of knowledge.  It incorporates scientific advances from medical disciplines throughout the world with the wisdom from traditional medical models.

Many naturopathic medical therapies have been scientifically validated, especially in the areas of clinical nutrition and botanical medicine.  The research departments of naturopathic medical colleges conduct on-going research examining naturopathic therapeutics and practice.


How do ND's interact with other health professionals?

Naturopathic Doctors refer to a wide range of other health practitioners including physician specialists and other conventional and alternative providers as appropriate.  Most naturopathic practices have extensive cross referrals to and from other practitioners.


Are all naturopathic doctors trained to treat cancer patients?

Few naturopathic doctors are fully trained to treat cancer patients.  Currently, the most extensive training in oncology for naturopathic doctors is through the 2-year residency program at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  Some naturopathic doctors gain expertise in cancer care through observation or self-study.  Ask your naturopathic doctor about their level of training to treat cancer.


How do conventional medical doctors interact with naturopathic doctors?

Medical doctors have a wide range of opinions regarding naturopathic medicine.  Some medical doctors are very comfortable co-treating patients who receive naturopathic care.  Other medical doctors are unreceptive to alternative therapies.  Patients can ask their physicians if they are open to working with alternative medicine providers.  There are many physicians in practice who are willing to work in conjunction with naturopathic doctors.

Most naturopathic doctors have at least a few medical doctors that they work well with.  Some naturopathic doctors work more closely with medical doctors either through residencies, integrative care centers, or cross referral relationships.  The ideal patient care is an integrative approach combining the best of conventional and naturopathic medicine.



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